Thursday, June 3, 2010

you can be my blueberry and we'll do a mad shake up here in the Big Blender

i thought i wouldn't be going overseas for a while
i am pleased to announce that i am going traveling again
so that my blog will be up and a runnin' again as well
iztak perlman
the vienna philharmonic
my birthday
meeting strangers

but for now, i'll just be staying at home eating crumpets

if you have any suggestions for where to go to and what to do, let me know!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


i'm actually really sorry my travel blog has come to an end
i wish that i blogged consecutively throughout europe
instead of coming back and uploading my photos in a haphazard and scattered way
i recommend everyone to go travelling alone
c is for challenging by yourself...
when coming to travelling in winter

i feel a bit bad because i had one camera battery life for a 2 and a half week trip in europe
so i was super stingy on the photo taking side of things
but it was kind of fun because it made me feel like i was using a normal camera
i didn't even dare go back and look at the pictures i took most of time
in fear of eating up my precious batteries
i used a normal panasonic lumix point and shoot
which i absolutely hated at the start
(i hated how it made pictures look
not soft and out of focus like polaroids i used to using)
but in the end i loved my camera

and now to my current obsession, louis wain.
i either want to purchase one of his artworks, pre or post schizophrenia
or have one of his cats as a tattoo
snaps to bob for introducing me to my new favourite artist.


...and now here are some photos i didn't put on my blog
but i wanted to
but they didn't quite go...or something.
most of them are from france.
i really like these pictures.

current obsessions
louis wain (will blog about him very very soon!)
coconut cream
tomato salad

glimpses of antwerp (part two)

one of the highlights of my antwerp trip was going to this cafe called cafenation
i was served the nicest and yummiest coffee
and the clientele was nerdy-chic slash supermodel BUT somehow in an unpretentious way
so i felt ugly but comfortable with myself
and the barista was really nice
his tattoos were inspiring!
places like that made me wish i lived in antwerp
so i could make cafenation my local coffee place.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

glimpses of antwerp (part 1)

i had such a fantastic time in antwerp
trysting around with 2 cool little danish ladies
what a cool city
they play jackson 5 in the vintage stores
and they call designer sales "flea markets"
(yes flea market - 1 bruno pieters skirt 700 euros what a bargain!)
there was delicious coffee and beautiful people on bicycles
everywhere to be seen

Saturday, January 23, 2010

yang fudong

one of the most satisfying things about my trip was the art galleries.
i made it a point to visit at least one contemporary art gallery in every country and place i visited
and by doing that i stumbed upon on land mine of extraordinary artists that i would not have discovered if i was just sitting in my room in fitzroy, surfing the internet on my lappy.

when i was in antwerp, i went to MuHKA
unlike some contempo places i've been which have been a crash of warhols and political rock sculptures
MuHKA's permanent collection focused human connection, emotion and mortality
it was very thought provoking

and there was this bit called shangART,where there was a space dedicated to a few of Shanghai's most talented and important artists.
this is where i first saw Yang Fudong's works.
they are really really great.
tick, tick, tick, tick.

and when i got back to melbourne
i was reading suzie bubble's blog and found out
he did a video for prada. wowsers.

Friday, January 22, 2010

john rochas

by the time i was in antwerp
i was really over being stingy and shabbily dressed
i discovered an incredible store slash cafe called RA
selling mostly belgian designs, but included european designers john rochas and bruno pieters

i bought this dress in black
i like how although silk is soft and lacks shape
the velvet details forces the skirt to have a victorian crinoline vibe
i like the fluff collar but it was 99 euro
considering wearing this dress with a thick belt made of black satin gloves in summer
and turtleneck and tapestry patterned tights in winter.

i ate a celery and citrus soup at the avantgarde cafe
and it tasted like hot orange juice with spring onions
that's fashion baby