Sunday, December 27, 2009

blah blah blah

hey everyone
sorry i haven't posted for a while
bordeaux is extremely beautiful and even though it is quiet
i kind of like it more than paris...
(which was beautiful, but intense and hectic).
i was super impressed with their contemporary art museum
everyone loves a good modern art museum

tomorrow night i am catching the train to Nice! it will be so nice...

i promise i will put some pictures up tomorrow

current obsessions
the weather! (it is 5 degrees here, practically summer)
lusine for all times of the day

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

bonsoir bordeaux

just arrived in bordeaux
and i thought i would include this picture on my blog for those who don't know winnie and josh...
they're my bff's from vca btw
they study in bordeaux and are going to continue studying in paris next year
they're real good because winnie is good at orientating and josh is good at french.
and we are all frugal so everybody kicks a goal.

p.s this is my staple outfit: two pairs of stockings, two cashmere coats, puff skirt, gloves from the christmas market, pom pom scarf that people look at funny on the metro. new addition: tortoise shell glasses

current obsessions
french supermarkets
drinking tea from a bowl
uht milk

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

the jacket

yesterday we went lafayette and it was really intense
lots of people, lots of expensive clothes
lots of INCREDIBLE clothes that seem to only exist in my glossy magazine dreams
until i found this coat
that i have been coveting
only 1778 euros everybody
i think i am in love
but josh reckons it looks like a car accident between an old man and a pinic rug

i am standing like a heavily pregnant woman because i am overwhelmed with excitement of the potential draping contours of the jacket.

current obsessions
free internet at mcdonald's
crepe time

p.s going to rodin exhibition today and leaving paris tomorrow. so far my current opinion on the city is that it is like: a really good looking, sophisticated, interesting and clever girl that you've admired from afar but when you come up close she makes you feel a bit like a dirty, uncultured grub who accidentally rolls bags over people's feet in the subway.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


nothing beats listening to the brandenbergs
and eating risotto and fooling around on the internet
in an apartment you could almost call your own
on a cold paris night

p.s. i went to pompidou today, the contemporary art gallery in paris and i have to say it is the best modern art gallery i've been to. there were more "wow" and "cool!" than "snuh" and "buh" pieces.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

we are living like parisians

ticks to paris!
- our couch surfing person is away so we have his incredible apartment on the 15th arrondismont all to ourselves
- electronica floor in music museum
- french bakeries
- people watching no myth kids parisians are beautiful

Friday, December 18, 2009


current obsessions
disgruntled lady scroll on viola da gamba
looking at macaroons
free apartment in paris with free internet all to ourselves

more photos tomorrow kids!

first snow in paris

i am so excited to show you the very first images of my trip
josh had an amazing camera that caught the best bits about our first day in paris
pictures speak for themselves
thanks josh for these pics....he took these photos

josh will be putting up more photos on his flickr
i,ll shoot you the link when he is done

current obsessions
snow time
crusty french bread
keeping warm
saying salut and aurevoir in cofined places because you that is what they do in france

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

couch sufing cordonbleu!

just arrived in pqris and you can see french keyboqrd is doing ,y head in
currently couch surfing with winnie and josh
and we had to do an emergency surf with this guy
and now we have to sleep with in his room with him in it
::::with two mqtresses!!!! and sexy candles

gerald depqrtdeiu this is a bit ridonkulous

current obsessions
having my own personal sleeping space
looking good while keeping warm

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

seoul times

sorry i said i would have more pictures
less words
but incheon airport's free internet won't let me upload pictures.

my melbourne to seoul flight was toturous
2 kids next to me in aisle seats so it was children's limbs in my food/thighs/face
also rationing out reading my 2 books
it's -3 degrees! beautiful but frosterama

see you in paris tomorrow, lovers!

current obsessions
chanel gumboots (only $370US which i think is a bargain)
fur coats
3 in 1 coffee
korean writing

Monday, December 14, 2009

the plan

going to these places in the following order

also i was thinking of squeezing cologne in somewhere.

current obsessions:
jens lekman

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

also i am fantasizing about how to keep warm in paris.

hello soundtrack to my european winter!

sebastian tellier
jens lekman
lykke li (remixed)
karen o for where the wild things are

Monday, December 7, 2009

au revoir melbourne

i am going away from the 15th of december til the 19th of january.
while i'm gone i've decided to keep up a photo blog.
i'm excited about seeing new things, watching beautiful european people and catching up with some of my favourite people in the world....

but i'm also scared of being lonely, getting lost, going broke on accidentally buying a commes des garcons coat in paris.

i'm petrified that i will forget how to play my viola because i will be leaving it in melbourne. catch ya on the flip side, archie!

current obsessions:
benjamin britten
commes des garcons!
tortoise shell everything. including tortoise shells.