Tuesday, December 22, 2009

the jacket

yesterday we went lafayette and it was really intense
lots of people, lots of expensive clothes
lots of INCREDIBLE clothes that seem to only exist in my glossy magazine dreams
until i found this coat
that i have been coveting
only 1778 euros everybody
i think i am in love
but josh reckons it looks like a car accident between an old man and a pinic rug

i am standing like a heavily pregnant woman because i am overwhelmed with excitement of the potential draping contours of the jacket.

current obsessions
free internet at mcdonald's
crepe time

p.s going to rodin exhibition today and leaving paris tomorrow. so far my current opinion on the city is that it is like: a really good looking, sophisticated, interesting and clever girl that you've admired from afar but when you come up close she makes you feel a bit like a dirty, uncultured grub who accidentally rolls bags over people's feet in the subway.

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