Thursday, January 7, 2010

Attila Csörgő

kids, i have the MOST rubbish day.
sorry to be complaining on my travel and all
but seriously
my luggage is still in airway limbo
and i went on this crazy adventure to the south of buda
caught this dirty bus
walked in the snow for aaages (this bit was nice)
to find...bartok's house was CLOSED, starting from the day i visited...without warning
caught the dirty bus back

but on the upside, i have discovered a great hungarian artist, attila csorgo when i visited the ludwig museum of contemporary art
so cool
a blend of mathematics and art
he created a camera that makes images in shapes of hemispheres
and he likes to create 3d objects out of paper, using this orange peeling theory (check out his site to know what i'm on about)

and a korean backpacker gave me a mandarin for dessert and i thought the world wasn't such a bad place.

current obsessions:
clean underwear
earl grey tea

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