Saturday, January 23, 2010

yang fudong

one of the most satisfying things about my trip was the art galleries.
i made it a point to visit at least one contemporary art gallery in every country and place i visited
and by doing that i stumbed upon on land mine of extraordinary artists that i would not have discovered if i was just sitting in my room in fitzroy, surfing the internet on my lappy.

when i was in antwerp, i went to MuHKA
unlike some contempo places i've been which have been a crash of warhols and political rock sculptures
MuHKA's permanent collection focused human connection, emotion and mortality
it was very thought provoking

and there was this bit called shangART,where there was a space dedicated to a few of Shanghai's most talented and important artists.
this is where i first saw Yang Fudong's works.
they are really really great.
tick, tick, tick, tick.

and when i got back to melbourne
i was reading suzie bubble's blog and found out
he did a video for prada. wowsers.

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