Thursday, January 28, 2010


i'm actually really sorry my travel blog has come to an end
i wish that i blogged consecutively throughout europe
instead of coming back and uploading my photos in a haphazard and scattered way
i recommend everyone to go travelling alone
c is for challenging by yourself...
when coming to travelling in winter

i feel a bit bad because i had one camera battery life for a 2 and a half week trip in europe
so i was super stingy on the photo taking side of things
but it was kind of fun because it made me feel like i was using a normal camera
i didn't even dare go back and look at the pictures i took most of time
in fear of eating up my precious batteries
i used a normal panasonic lumix point and shoot
which i absolutely hated at the start
(i hated how it made pictures look
not soft and out of focus like polaroids i used to using)
but in the end i loved my camera

and now to my current obsession, louis wain.
i either want to purchase one of his artworks, pre or post schizophrenia
or have one of his cats as a tattoo
snaps to bob for introducing me to my new favourite artist.

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