Wednesday, January 6, 2010

reimburse me, british aiways!

still no luggage, everybody.

my fear of going out at night in Budapest by myself has left me trawling around on the unlimited fast free internet at my hostel
...and i am starting to get serious serious ideas of how i should get british airways to compensate me:

1. Sonia Rykiel trenchcoat has been on my mind. i didn't see it in Paris at the store, but i think if i see it Antwerp..... i like the idea of having to coordinate my underneath outfit to go with the trench on top. 2. The Mc Queen Coat. It has very similar vibes to the CdG coat i was coveting in Lafayette, but i think this one would be (slightly?) more wearable.

3. The Viktor and Rolf coat. Also liking the look of the caterpillar michellan man boots. Both very very very wearable items.

(pictures from

i've worn the same outfit for 3 days and i feel like the biggest grub in the universe.

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