Thursday, January 14, 2010


sorry for lack of posting and lack of pictures
i actually have to pay for internet now
so my internet time is made up me corresponding with malev airport

berlin is my new favourite
tonight i saw the berlin philharmonic and they played brahms 3
it blew my mind
and i attended the concert alone so i turned to the
middle age english man sitting next to me (who also was alone ) and gushed,
"wow that was so so good"
and he said to me, "very good." turned away and that was that.
and i felt like i was speaking to weetbix, sans milk or fruit.

oh and i saw some musicians from melbourne at the end of the concert
which shows what a small world we live in!

p.s. the concert was on a thursday night, one of three of the same program
and there were about 10 seats empty in the entire giant concert hall.

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free internet

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